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Lose Weight

Using hypnosis to lose weight, stop smoking, alleviate fears such as flying, reduce stress and improve confidence, is one of the most powerful and effective tools available today. Unfortunately, people rarely think of using hypnosis to overcome these and other issues. I believe it’s because ads pertaining to hypnosis are not plastered all over the TV or in magazines. Whereas, weight loss programs and devices used to stop smoking are. Truth is, most people continue using the same methods with little or no success. They often become disgusted and give up not achieving their goal. Eventually they may try again, usually experiencing the same failed result. Hypnosis can give you the results you’re looking for. In fact,  whether it is to lose weight, stop smoking, or take that plane trip, you will succeed. Feeling good through the process and continuing to feel good even after achieving your desired result. This is done by retraining the subconscious mind to react and think differently about food, smoking, fears, stress and other issues.Stop Smoking

For a moment, let’s imagine our minds are like a filing cabinet with many files. Within these files are everything we’ve ever done, seen, heard or touched and filed away within our subconscious. Hypnosis places us in a wonderful state of mind, putting us in touch with the subconscious and allowing access to these files. This access allows us to change negative patterns, behaviors and habits that we developed over time.

So how do we make these changes?

  To start, we place the client in a hypnotic state. This is accomplished by taking the client down into a very relaxed state of mind. Once in a state of hypnosis, communication with the subconscious mind is achieved and the process begins. Starting by removing the negative suggestions from the files and replacing them with positive suggestions. Once the positive suggestions are added to the file and locked away within the subconscious mind, your success starts. Hypnosis works and it will work for you, IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE. Just a note, I highly recommend when choosing a hypnotist, to choose someone that’s certified.

Alleviate Fears